What is the shelf life of our spices blends?

It depends on several factors. The most important thing is the way they are stored. Ideally, spices and spice blends should be kept away from light and moisture. In other words, avoid leaving them on the kitchen surfaces and, above all, spare them the sources of heat.

Generally, if stored in goods conditions, our spices and spice blends can be serviceable far one year. However, if they contain ingredients having nothing to do with spices (example : sugar), their shelf life may be somewhat shortened. But in this case, there is a solution that has proved its worth : put them in the fridge, this way they will be kept away from a cursory deterioration.

You have to keep in mind that spices and spice blends are living entities and as such, you have to provide them the best conditions possible if you do not wish to lose them prematurely.

How to choose our spices?

If we talk about herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme…), we have to rely on their color. If they are of a nice natural green, it’s a good sign. If they smell good or rather, if their odour is characteristic of their specie, it’s another good sign.

Regarding the spices, it’s approximately the same. If the ones you are given to smell gives off nothing, beware. The same applies if their color is not really natural (example : if allspice is grayish coloured whereas it should be brown).

What is a spice?

There is a certain confusion with the term « spice ». Let’s try to straighten this out.

A spice meets one of the following criterions : it may be a flower (example : clove), a root (ginger, turmeric), a seed (mustard, dill) or a pod (vanilla, tonka bean). All the rest belongs to the aromatic herb category. An aromatic herb is simply the aerial part of a plant as a foliage. So, basil, savory, rosemary, dill weed and thyme are all aromatic herbs as we only eat their aerial parts.

However, a few plants have a double status. They may be both spices and aromatic herbs. For example, this is the case with the coriander in which sometimes we eat the seeds and sometimes the foliage. The same applies with dill which both shows seeds and a very interesting foliage.

Why do we offer most of our blends as powders?

For two reasons, mainly. First, to simplify their use. Ready-made and ready-to-serve blends actually make life easier and spare the resort to a spice grinder or the use of a mortar, if you do not wish to purchase one of them.

Second reason, that one being the most important:to maximise their flavour potential. Actually, it would be easy for us to show our blends in their whole form. That would save us a very costly stage. But that would be flouting the aim we are striving towards : offering products with a unique flavour. To get on it, there is such a thing called flavour osmosis. Or, if you prefer, the flavour blending, which does not occur instantly when we grind a combination of spices. That happens a few days after only. In the meantime, the blend will give off mixed flavours which have certainly nothing unpleasant but on the other hand it doesn’t have the sharpness and the unique character of a blend we have let stand. For example, if you make you own curry powder, you will easily notice that neither the taste nor the aroma will be the same after a rest of two or three days. At the time, the blend will give off an earthy smell mainly due to turmeric. After the rest period, both taste and aroma will differ appreciably, and that for the better.

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